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tennis injuries

Tennis injuries

Tennis players push themselves further than they ever have these days and as a result tennis injuries are much more common.

Both men's and women's tennis is more athletic and fast-paced than it has ever been, meaning athletes need to push themselves harder in order to get to the top, which inevitably leads to injuries.

Tennis injuries can strike any part of the body because of the all-action nature of the sport. For instance, sprained ankles are common because of the quick movement and changes of direction needed. Shoulder pain is also a frequent tennis injury because of players trying to generate extra power in their strokes.

Calf strain and Achilles tendinitis are common overuse injuries involved with tennis. They result from long and arduous matches or intense training sessions that last longer then they perhaps should.

Tennis elbow is a common injury amongst amateur players and is often the result of either poor technique or overtraining or sometimes both.

To avoid tennis injuries, athletes should ensure they don’t over train and get adequate rest between training sessions and competition. Amateur players should also ensure they get advice on improved technique to be sure they’re not putting excessive strain on their muscles and joints.

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tennis injuries