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Table tennis injuries

Table tennis injuries

Even though you might not think it, table tennis injuries are incredibly common and there are a variety of ways that they can be picked up.

The most common table tennis injuries are very similar to those involved with standard tennis. Sprained ankles, tennis elbow and Achilles tendinitis are just three of the most frequent table tennis injuries.

Table tennis is a non-contact sport but injuries are often picked up when an athlete changes direction or twists their body quickly, leading to pulled muscles and other injury problems. Players that don’t warm up properly and stretch their muscles before taking to the table also put themselves at a high risk of injury.

Many table tennis injuries are picked up in training because of freak accidents. For example, when a player leaves balls lying around on the floor or spills water without realising, leading to them slipping over and seriously injuring themselves.

To avoid table tennis injuries, an athlete should always warm up thoroughly before even picking up a paddle. It’s also important to ensure all debris is removed from around the table during play to avoid accidents.

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Table tennis injuries