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swimming injuries

Swimming injuries

Swimming injuries aren’t nearly as common as in other sports but there are still risks involved.

The main injuries associated with swimming are shoulder injuries, often in the form of rotator cuff tendonitis or other overuse problems caused by not taking adequate rest between sessions.

The reason many swimmers pick up injuries is because they have an improper stroke technique that causes them to overreach or rotate, leading to strained muscles. Over time this can lead to muscle pulls or tendonitis.

Another cause of swimming injuries is when an athlete suddenly increases either the intensity or the time spent in the pool. Some swimmers will start using tools like pull buoys or paddles to increase the resistance when they swim. Although this can improve performance it should be introduced gradually to avoid injuries.

Many swimmers say that after recovering from a shoulder injury, it’s advisable to use fins on the feet to take some of the pressure off your shoulders. This also works to improve leg strength, so when your shoulder has fully recovered you’ll be stronger in the pool than ever.

We have more information on swimming injuries listed below, with useful help and advice.

swimming injuries