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Strength training injuries

Strength training injuries

Strength training injuries are common simply because many athletes overdo things in an attempt to see significant gains quickly. Muscle pulls and strains are frequent strength training injuries and in the worst cases fractured and broken bones can also occur.

To avoid strength training injuries an athlete should ensure they do a long warm-up prior to any resistance work. This will ensure their muscles and joints are supple and loose in preparation for the stress that will be placed on them.

The mistake many athletes make is in thinking that multiple sets done quickly will result in better strength gains. However, a single set done slower and with more control is a much better way to ensure all of the muscles improve in strength.

Getting the right technique will always give athletes a better chance of avoiding strength training exercises. Practice each exercise on a lower weight before building up to a weight that will push your body a little bit harder.

Rest is as important as training to improve strength. When an athlete works their muscles hard the the fibres need time to repair in order to strengthen. Therefore, taking adequate rest will not only help an athlete avoid injury but also improve both performance and strength.

We have more information on strength training below containing useful tips and advice.

Strength training injuries