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Squash injuries

Squash injuries

Squash is a sport that involves moving around and changing direction very quickly, meaning squash injuries are always likely to occur.

The most common squash injuries include Achilles tendinitis, sprained ankles and lower back pain. However, squash is an all-action sport and can therefore cause a number of different injuries.

Aside from the injuries that are picked up when moving around the court, impact injuries also occur fairly regularly. Players often come into contact with the ball, their opponent’s racket and the surrounding walls which can lead to serious traumatic injury.

Squash is a sport that requires an immense level of physical fitness and flexibility. When an athlete’s body becomes fatigued they are at the highest risk of picking up injuries. Therefore, older squash players have to be particularly careful not to push themselves too hard.

To avoid squash injuries, athletes should ensure that they conduct a long warm up which involves stretching all of their muscles thoroughly. Wearing the correct footwear that provides adequate support will also ensure the risk of leg injuries is kept to a minimum.

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Squash injuries