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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is primarily focused on helping rehabilitate injured athletes and get back training and competing in the shortest period of time possible.

There are many professions that have an active input in the world of sports medicine, from physicians and surgeons to physical therapists and coaches.

Sports medicine is also not only supposed to help injured athletes but provide them with the tools to avoid future injuries through advice and sound knowledge.

When many athletes think about sports medicine they probably just imagine supplements to help improve performance and recovery times. This isn’t solely what sports medicine is about.

In more recent times, psychology has played a major role in sports medicine and the mind of an athlete has become the focus of as much debate as anything to do with the body.

Many professional athletes will have a skilled sports medicine team comprising not only a coach and physician but also specialist athletic trainers and a psychologist who specialises in sports medicine.

We have more information on the different forms of sports medicine listed below so read on for further knowledge and viewpoints on the subject.