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Softball injuries

Softball injuries

Softball injuries come in a variety of forms, and each of the different disciplines of pitching, batting and fielding come with their own injury risks.

Shoulder injuries like a torn rotator cuff and shoulder tendinitis are particularly common in softball. Both pitching and batting can put significant strain on the shoulders, meaning that overuse injuries can grow over time.

Wrist and hand injuries are also frequent in softball. Pitchers in particular are at risk of wrist sprains and wrist tendinitis because of the repetitive strain they put on their joints. Fielders often receive traumatic hand injuries like finger fractures when they misjudge a catch.

Prolonged periods of batting can lead to serious back injuries, with herniated discs and muscle strains just two of the back problems that batters often have to deal with.

To avoid softball injuries, athletes should ensure they warm up prior to training and competition. Strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility in the joints is also crucial for athletes who compete on a regular basis.

Improving technique is also important for softball players and will ensure that injuries are kept to a minimum. With poor technique, excessive strain can be placed on muscles and joints leading to serious injury problems.

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Softball injuries