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Soccer injuries

Soccer injuries

Soccer injuries occur in nearly every match, with players diving into tackles, changing direction quickly and physically competing for possession of the ball.

The most common soccer injuries include hamstring pulls, ankle sprains, blisters and muscle cramps but soccer players pick up all kinds of injuries ranging from minor knocks to fractured and broken bones.

Soccer injuries are generally split into two categories: overuse or traumatic. Overuse soccer injuries are things like Achilles tendinitis and shin splints which build over time as a player goes from training to competition in quick succession. They can start out as niggling pain but gradually become more serious, with the pain increasing.

The traumatic injuries associated with soccer are largely unavoidable and stem from tackles and collisions with other players. Concussions, knee ligament damage and broken leg bones are all frequent soccer injuries.

Soccer players should always wear shin pads with ankle protectors to ensure they get maximum protection. Warming up correctly and stretching is also imperative for minimising the risk of muscle injuries.

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Soccer injuries