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Snowboarding injuries

Snowboarding injuries

Snowboarding is an extreme sport which is considered high risk, meaning snowboarding injuries will frequently occur.

The most common snowboarding injuries are traumatic and caused by a snowboarder losing control and either colliding with a stationary object or simply falling to the ground. The most serious traumatic injuries are fractured or broken bones and concussions.

Novice snowboarders are often the most likely to pick up injuries. This is because they’re more likely to lose their balance and don’t know the correct way to fall. Wrist injuries caused by falling backwards and landing awkwardly on the hands is a common snowboarding injury for beginners.

Ankle injuries also often occur in snowboarding because both feet are planted on the board, meaning that when a snowboarder loses control they can’t steady themselves by cleverly manoeuvring a foot.

To avoid snowboarding injuries, an athlete should wear protective clothing like wrist guards and knee pads. Developing the proper technique for snowboarding by learning from a skilled professional will also significantly reduce the chances of picking up serious injuries.

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Snowboarding injuries