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Skiing injuries

Skiing injuries will often be the result of the skier losing control and balance and falling over awkwardly.

The most common skiing injuries are normally to the knee as skiers twist awkwardly when they fall and impact heavily with the ground. Fractured and broken legs are also common because of the nature of the sport.

Skiing also causes many head injuries, which often results in serious concussion. Any skier who falls and hits their head should immediately get treatment and rest until they feel confident they can return to the slopes.

Frost bite and hypothermia are two injuries that are quite unique to skiing and snowboarding because of the conditions that these sports take place in. Athletes must ensure they have well fitted and warm equipment to train and compete in.

In order to avoid skiing injuries, special exercises should be undertaken to strengthen the knee joints. Skiers should also look for pointers on the correct way to fall if they feel they’re losing their balance.

We have much more information on skiing injuries listed below, with advice and useful tips.