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Shoulder injuries

Many sportsmen and sportswomen experience shoulder injuries that prevent them from training and competing.

There are many ways an athlete can damage their shoulder, from dislocating it to breaking the collar bone or suffering rotator cuff tendinitis. All of these injuries can be incredibly painful and sideline and athlete for a long period of time.

Shoulder injuries are common in sports where athletes pivot aggressively, like tennis and cricket, but also crop up in sports like weightlifting where immense pressure is put on both the muscles and joints.

If an athlete is feeling the pain of a shoulder injury there are a number of ways to identify what the problem actually is. For instance, swelling will often only occur when the shoulder has become dislocated. When the shoulder locks it’s much more likely that it has become either frozen or the collar bone has been broken.

Ice should immediately be applied to a shoulder injury after the incident occurs and a doctor consulted to assess and confirm what the injury is.

There are a number of straps and supports available for athletes looking to avoid serious shoulder injuries in their sport. Strengthening the muscles in the shoulder will lower the risk of injury and also improve flexibility.

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