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Shin splints injuries

Shin Splints

Shin splints are a common overuse injury that can force an athlete into missing training and competition if not dealt with properly. They will occur from cumulative stress on the area and jarring the bones and joints.

Runners are most at risk from shin splints because of the constant stress they put on their legs. Those that run on hard surfaces are even more at risk because of the impact on the foot when it plants down. People who are just starting out with exercise also have to be wary because their bones aren’t use to the stress that is put on them.

Shin splints can be detected because of the aching pain an athlete will experience both during and after exercise, either in the front or the back of the lower leg.

To avoid shin splints an athlete should rest adequately between sessions. Strapping the shins is another option to lessen the impact during training and competition. It's also important to ensure that proper footwear is used at all times, regardless of the sport.

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Shin splints injuries