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Rowing injuries

Rowing injuries can range from a number of things and affect many different parts of the body.

The most common rowing injuries are to the lower back because of the excessive twisting and hyperflexion that comes with the technique of rowing. Disc herniation, spondylolysis and sacroiliac joint dysfunction are just three back injuries rowers have to battle against.

The ribs are another area that can come under a lot of stress as a result of rowing and fractures are common to athletes who train and compete often.

Rowing injuries can also come in the form of pulled muscles in the arm or elbow tendinitis, which can leave a rower unable to compete for a significant amount of time.

To avoid rowing injuries an athlete should ensure they do plenty of strength training that will provide them with the muscular power to cope with the demands of the sport.

Poor technique amongst rowers is common and this can also lead to injury. Amateur rowers should always be looking to improve the way they row to reduce their risk of injury.

We have much more information on rowing injuries listed below with more specific knowledge on different problems.