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Plyometrics Injuries

Plyometrics injuries will often occur as an athlete attempts to improve their explosive power and improve performance.

The aim of plyometrics is to ensure an athlete can reach maximum muscular power in the shortest period of time. Needless to say, this can be incredibly beneficial to sprinters and any athletes who need to accelerate quickly.

Plyometric injuries often occur because the exercises involved aren’t carried out properly by an athlete and the significant force involved often leads to injury.

To avoid plyometrics injuries, an athlete should ensure they land safely when carrying out the exercises, using the largest possible surface area of the foot by landing on their toes before softly rolling down on the heels. This prevents damaging any of the joints and in particular twisting the knee.

Plyometrics are advanced exercises only for sportsmen and women who want to improve performance and are normally only recommended for experienced and well conditioned athletes.

People attempting Plyometric exercises are also advised to take long rests between sets and always stop at the first signs of fatigue and injury.

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