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Overtraining injuries

Overtraining injuries will always be common as athletes push themselves to get to the top of their sport.

A good athlete will always understand the importance of proper rest and recuperation after training and competition. In fact, for the body to get the full benefit of training it needs a period of inactivity to grow stronger so it’s in the best interests of an athlete to rest up.

Overtraining injuries like Achilles tendinitis, rotator cuff tendinitis and shin splints can all be avoided with a sensible training regime that incorporates the right exercises and workloads to ensure an athlete gradually improves.

Piling too much into sessions or vastly extending training times is never a good idea. Overtraining injuries can rule an athlete out of training and competition for a long time, making it pointless to overdo things in the pursuit of improvement.

Athletes who want to improve performance should consult with their coach, a doctor or a specialist and ask for advice on what they can do without pushing things too far. With all the injuries an athlete can pick up, overtraining injuries should be avoided at all costs.

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