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Netball injuries

Netball injuries

Netball is a non-contact sport but there remain many netball injuries that athletes have to be aware of.

Netball involves moving around quickly and jumping to throw and block the ball. Injuries like patellar tendinitis or 'jumper's knee' are therefore incredibly common. Many netball injuries occur when a player jumps to throw the ball and doesn’t concentrate on landing safely, resulting in twisted and sprained ankles.

Overuse injuries like Achilles tendinitis and shin splints are also frequent in netball. This is because netball players repeat the same motions over and over again in training and competition, always putting strain on the same joints and muscles.

To avoid netball injuries, athletes should warm up and stretch properly before taking part. Improving the flexibility and strength in the joints will also help athletes cope with the demands of the sport. In order to avoid overuse injuries specifically, athletes should stop when they begin to feel pain or discomfort.

Improving both jumping and landing technique will also heavily reduce the risk of picking up netball injuries. Asking a coach or physio for specific tips is always a good idea.

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Netball injuries