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Leg injuries

Leg injuries will strike down every athlete at some point in their career with varying levels of severity.

There are so many injuries an athlete can pick up in their legs, from problems with muscles such as quadriceps and hamstring pulls or tears, to shin splints and fractures.

Athletes suffering from leg injuries of any nature should immediately stop training and visit their doctor or physio for advice on what the problem might be.

For some leg injuries, rest and relaxation will be enough to get an athlete back to action. However, more serious leg injuries might require surgery and a lengthy period of recuperation and physiotherapy.

To avoid leg injuries, an athlete should make sure they warm up properly and stretch out all of their leg muscles prior to training and competition.

Overtraining is another cause of many leg injuries, particularly muscle strains and tears and athletes should ensure they take adequate rest between sessions.

We have further information on leg injuries listed below with specific reference to each injury an athlete can pick up.