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Knee injuries

Knee injuries can prevent an athlete from competing for a long period of time and in the worst cases prematurely end a career.

Knee ligament injuries are the most common forms of injury for the knee and are the result of a sudden impact or hyper-extending the ligament.

Injuries like runners knee can be a constant thorn in the side of an athlete and nibble away at them for years before they decide to seek medical attention.

In the more serious cases knee injuries will cause a great deal of pain and athletes will undoubtedly face a long spell on the sidelines, followed by a lengthy rehabilitation before they can even think about returning to competition.

Professional athletes will often have operations to repair knee ligament injuries but amateur athletes will often rest until they feel able to return to training.

To avoid knee injuries an athlete should always ensure they have adequate strength and flexibility in the joint. Unfortunately though, in competitive sport, knee injuries are a common occurrence and there is little that can be done to avoid them.

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