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Knee pain

Knee pain

Knee pain is common in nearly all sports and can be the symptom of a number of injuries. Athletes will often say they’re experiencing inner near pain, posterior knee pain or pain behind the knee without knowing exactly what the injury is.

Common injuries linked to knee pain include anterior cruciate ligament damage, torn knee cartilage, ruptured knee tendons and Iliotibial Band syndrome. Knee pain should always be taken seriously because it can cause long term damage to an athlete.


Knee pain can be caused by both trauma and overuse. Traumatic knee injuries often occur in sports like rugby and soccer where athletes can receive hard and sudden impact to the knee. Overuse knee injuries like ruptured tendons and tendinitis occur because athletes don’t take adequate rest between training and competition, or push themselves too hard. These types of injury are common in running and cycling in particular.

Knee pain treatment will vary depending on how serious the injury is. Any athlete that begins to feel knee pain should immediately stop and rest up. A small level of discomfort can quickly turn into chronic knee pain without the proper care and attention.

For serious knee pain, surgery might be required to repair the damage. This is particularly true of ligament damage which are common sports injuries. Extensive physiotherapy is also essential for recovering from knee injuries to ensure the muscles, ligaments and tendons are strengthened sufficiently.

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Knee pain