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Karate injuries

Karate injuries

Karate injuries are relatively common because of the nature of the sport, but many of the injuries that occur can be avoided.

The majority of karate injuries are traumatic and the result of contact with an opponent. Lacerations and fractured bones are common impact injuries involved with karate.

Head injuries in karate are also fairly common. Concussions are often the result of misjudgements and accidents but are considered serious injuries. Any head injury must be examined immediately and treated before an athlete should even consider returning to action.

Karate does involve stretching and extending the muscles and joints. This means that pulls and strains can occur and a long and thorough warm up should be undertaken to prevent these types of injuries.

To avoid karate injuries, an athlete can use protective headgear to reduce the chance of concussion. Padding can also be worn under clothing to offer added protection. Taking adequate rest between training and competition is also important to ensure the muscles have a chance to repair.

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Karate injuries