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Judo injuries

Judo injuries

Judo injuries are not particularly common when it comes to training and attending classes. However, there are some judo injuries that will crop up now and again.

Even though judo might look like an aggressive sport to some people, attending classes and learning about judo will predominantly be injury free, with only a small risk of minor injuries.

The most common judo injuries are minor lacerations and muscle strains which can be caused by accidents or not warming up properly. Cuts and bruises are largely unavoidable but fortunately, they should never be too serious.

Back injuries can occur in judo because of the lifting and twisting involved with the sport. However, learning the correct technique for carrying out manoeuvres will ensure that the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

The key to avoiding judo injuries is to join in with the right classes. A good judo club will have very few injuries reported, meaning that the different techniques and movements are being taught correctly.

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Judo injuries