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Iliotibial band injuries

Iliotibial band injuries cause sharp pain to the outside of the knee or sometimes the lower thigh.

The pain of Iliotibial injuries often increase when walking up an incline like stairs or trying to get out of a chair. This is another way of identifying that you have an Iliotibial injury.

Iliotibial band syndrome is a classic overuse injury and is common amongst runners who often train on uneven surfaces. Doing this causes the pelvis to tilt and puts strain on the Iliotibial band.

The treatment for Iliotibial injuries consists of putting ice on the injury, resting and slowly increasing the flexibility and elevation.

To avoid Iliotibial injuries, getting proper footwear that provides the right support to the knee is essential. Athletes should also avoid overtraining and get adequate rest between sessions.

There are a number of Iliotibial band exercises you can do to avoid injuries and strengthen the band. Athletes and particularly runners should incorporate these into their training.