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Ice hockey injuries

Ice Hockey Injuries

Ice hockey injuries will most commonly occur during matches where crunching impacts between players are most frequent.

Ice hockey injuries are usually the result of direct trauma, i.e. a sudden, forceful impact. Aside from clashing with other players, falls and being hit with the stick or puck are also common causes of hockey injuries.

Hockey players will always pick up cuts and scrapes but many injuries associated with the sport have been reduced with the introduction of pads and helmets.

Knee injuries also crop up in hockey fairly regularly but are more the result of impact than pulls and tears. Shoulder injuries can hamper players because of the excessive twisting and rotating required to shoot the puck.

To avoid hockey injuries athletes must ensure they not only have the right protective equipment but are also educated on how to avoid serious head and spinal injuries in collisions. A large percentage of hockey injuries are the result of fouls where players deliberately go in hard, which makes them almost impossible to avoid.

We have more information on ice hockey injuries listed below with useful tips and advice.

Ice hockey injuries