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Hip injuries

Hip injuries are incredibly painful and normally stem from a blow to the area, normally from a fall.

In sports like football and soccer, where there is a lot of body to body contact, hip injuries are common.

Perhaps the most common hip problem is the hip pointer injury. This results from impact to the iliac crest of the pelvis and can lead to bleeding in the abdominal muscles. The pain is normally sharp and strong, leaving athletes sidelined for a long period of time.

Hip injuries require plenty of rest and recovery times are normally long. Immediately after a hip injury, ice needs to be applied to the area and a doctor consulted to assess the level of damage.

Athletes who have suffered hip injuries should never attempt to return to training before being given the all clear by a professional. Returning too soon can lead to further complications and a much longer lay off.

Avoiding hip injuries is difficult. However, protective equipment and support for the hip will help reduce the chances of serious injury.

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