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head injuries

Head injuries

Head injuries are perhaps the most feared in all sports because the consequences can be so serious.

Contact sports like American football, soccer and rugby are most likely to cause head injuries as athletes compete aggressively to win.

Concussion in sport is common and results from a traumatic blow to the head. What happens is that the brain moves around in the skull very quickly after the impact, causing cells to fire quickly, leading to blurred vision or even unconsciousness.

A concussion will always require the attention of a doctor to ensure no serious damage has been done. Athletes should then avoid training and competition until they feel ready and able to return.

Other head injuries like nose and jaw fractures are also common sports injuries. Athletes with these types of injuries can sometimes return to competition quicker with the aid of protection of the affected area.

Avoiding head injuries is a difficult task for athletes in contact sports, but some choose to wear protective head gear to ensure the risk is as minimal as possible.

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head injuries