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Hand Injuries

Hand injuries in sport are common and largely unavoidable because athletes from most sports rarely think about damaging their hands.

Hand injuries occur in nearly every sport from cycling to boxing and even soccer. The hand is made up of many bones, ligaments and muscles meaning that a variety of different sports injuries can be picked up.

Cyclists often suffer hand injuries because they grip the handlebar too tightly which causes a compression disorder, known in the cycling world as handlebar palsy. When cyclists do this for long period of time it damages the ulnar nerve, causing pain and restricted movement.

Another sport where the hands come under serious threat of injury is boxing. Boxers tend to pick up many hand injuries, which is not surprising given the nature of the sport. Fractured, broken and dislocated bones in the hand are common boxing injuries that occur in both training and fights.

To avoid hand injuries, wearing padded gloves is advisable if appropriate to the sport. In boxing and martial arts, athletes should look to apply extra strapping to ensure hand injuries are kept to a minimum.

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