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Groin injuries

Groin injuries are common in every sport and the level of pain will normally indicate how serious the injury is.

A groin injury will result in muscle pain in the inner thigh or groin and can last for a short or significant amount of time.

For a simple groin pull, it’s advisable to simply ice the injury and rest until you feel able to return to training.

More serious groin injuries like a tear will cause sharp and acute pains to the area and will often cause swelling or bruising. Groin tears often occur when an athlete changes direction quickly or stops very suddenly.

Any athlete that experiences a groin tear should contact their doctor for an examination. Physiotherapy or even surgery might be required to fix the problem.

Returning to training following a groin tear requires patience and a gradual build up of performance. Rushing back can lead to further strains and longer setbacks.

To avoid groin injuries, athletes must stretch the abductor muscles and hip flexors prior to competing and gradually build up to top performance.

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