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Football injuries

Football injuries

Football injuries are largely unavoidable and despite the padding and protective clothing an athlete wears, the nature of the sport will always cause a high number of injuries.

Football is very much a contact sport and there are many impact injuries that frequently occur. Football head injuries like lacerations and concussion are common, as are shoulder fractures, broken fingers and even whiplash.

The football injuries that athletes can do something about are the muscle pulls, strains and tears that can leave them sidelined for weeks or even months at a time. The risk of injuries like groin pulls, shin splints and hamstring tears can be reduced by taking the right precautions.

A long warm up that adequately stretches the muscles will give an athlete a significantly better chance of avoiding this type of football injury. Footballers should also make sure they don’t overdo things in training and rest up between matches to avoid overuse injuries that can build up over time.

Athletes should also ensure they have the right padding for playing football to give them the best chance of avoiding serious trauma injuries.

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Football injuries