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ankle injuries, foot injuries

Foot Injuries

Foot injuries are common in all sports, but it can sometimes be tricky to quickly determine exactly what the problem might be.

There are an array of foot injuries an athlete can pick up from smaller concerns like flat feet to something that requires more urgent attention, like tarsal tunnel syndrome.

For these types of injuries, the simplest way a doctor can quickly assess the problem is by applying pressure to the foot and asking exactly where the pain is and how it feels. This will allow them to immediately eliminate a number of possibilities.

Minor foot injuries can be solved with rest and taking further precautions, such as inserts to improve support and protection. Your doctor might also advise doing some exercise to improve flexibility,

Plantar Fasciitis is a common foot injury that many athletes pick up because of a poor running technique or by simply overextending. By improving technique and taking due care and attention, athletes can significantly reduce the risk of picking up foot injuries like Plantar Fasciitis amongst others.

If you want to learn more about foot injuries, their causes, their treatments and how you can avoid them, read some of the articles listed below.

ankle injuries, foot injuries