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Endurance injuries

Endurance injuries

Endurance injuries in sports like rowing, long distance running and the triathlon are common because of the excessive strain athletes put on their bodies over a long period of time.

Many endurance injuries stem from overuse. For instance, long distance runners will pick up injuries like shin splints, Achilles tendinitis and hamstring tendinitis on a frequent basis because their legs are put under tremendous strain.

In rowing where endurance and strength are so important, the shoulders will often be most at risk. Rotator cuff tendinitis is just one of the injuries rowers have to worry about because of the repetitive stress involved with the sport.

Muscle pulls and tears are also frequent endurance injuries that crop up, normally because an athlete doesn’t warm up well enough prior to training or competition.

To avoid endurance injuries, athletes rely on sound preparation and the correct training. Strengthening the muscles and joints that are used most frequently for a particular sport is always a good idea. Athletes should also be sure to warm up for a long period of time prior to training and competition. Keeping the muscles warm and supple is particularly important when it comes to endurance sports.

We have more information on endurance injuries listed below with lots of useful help and advice.

Endurance injuries