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Elbow Injuries

Elbow injuries are common, particularly in racket sports like tennis and squash.

We’ve all heard of the dreaded Tennis elbow or elbow tendinitis. This stems from excessive strain on the joint, usually because a player’s technique isn’t as good as it might be. This is why tennis elbow is so common amongst amateur athletes.

You can also pick up elbow injuries in throwing sports which again can be the result of poor technique and not enough strength and flexibility in the joint.

To avoid elbow injuries, make sure you do strengthening exercises as part of your training routine and get some pointers on your technique for whatever sport you compete in.

If you’re suffering from an elbow injury then it’s best to ice the elbow immediately after you start to feel pain and then rest before gently returning to action.

More persistent injuries will need the attention of a doctor to ensure something more serious hasn’t happened that might require physiotherapy or surgery to correct.

We have much more information on elbow injuries listed below which include advice and exercises you can do to avoid future elbow related injuries.