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Cycling injuries

Cycling injuries come in a variety of different forms and can all prevent cyclists from operating at their highest level.

Cramps are common cycling injuries because of the repetitive motion and the muscles involved contracting over and over again. This is particularly frustrating for athletes as it can strike them down right in the middle of competition.

Cycling frequently results in knee pain. This is because of excessive strain on the joint, particularly when cycling up elevated gradients where you really push down on it.

Back injuries will also haunt many cyclists, which isn’t really surprising given how they’re hunched over their bikes for long periods of time. Posture is everything and it’s important to get this right and not put strain on the lower back.

Cyclists can give themselves the best chance of avoiding injuries by warming up and down thoroughly and stretching as much as possible.

The right footwear will also help ensure the cycling is as it should be and that foot injuries from a bad pedalling technique are avoided.

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