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Coaching plays an important role when it comes to keeping athletes injury free and on top of their game.

However, when coaching an athlete who does become injured, the coach has the most important role of all to play.

Athletes will always want to compete, but if they’re injured they need to stop everything immediately. Coaches need to ensure they are always communicating with their athletes and know of any niggling injuries or problems they might be experiencing.

Good coaching involves getting an athlete the right medical help to assess and fix their injury as soon as possible. As soon as an athlete knows what they’ve done, they can set about recovering and returning to full training.

Just because an athlete is sidelined by an injury, it doesn’t mean the coaching should stop. Coaches need to make sure their athlete isn’t stepping up their injury rehabilitation too quickly and putting themselves at risk of further injury.

Getting back to full fitness after an injury can be a slow and frustrating process for an athlete and good coaching will make all the difference. Keeping an athlete motivated in this difficult time will ensure they stay focused and come back stronger than ever.

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