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Boxing injuries

Boxing injuries

Boxing injuries are unavoidable because of the confrontational and aggressive nature of the sport.

Head injuries in boxing are common, making it an incredibly dangerous sport. A large percentage of boxers are said to sustain some kind of brain injury during their career. Head lacerations and concussions occur in nearly every competitive fight and so are largely unavoidable.

Eye injuries are also frequent boxing injuries. Common problems are cuts, black eyes and damage to the retina. In professional fights, boxers often aim to close up their opponent's eyes to give them the upper hand in the fight.

Body blows result in cuts and bruises as well as cracked and broken ribs. In the most serious cases, some boxers experience internal bleeding after fights. Professional fighters also have to deal with cumulative injuries that build up over a number of different fights.

Avoiding boxing injuries is almost impossible as most of the damage is sustained through receiving blows to the head and body. Training and conditioning in the run-up to fights is incredibly important to ensure the body is strong enough to deal with the punishment.

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Boxing injuries