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Basketball injuries

There are many common basketball injuries, most of which occur from overuse and excessive strain.

It’s very easy for a basketball player to pick up overuse injuries in the course of training or matches, because they will repeat a number of movements many times, meaning they put strain on the same parts of their body over and over again.

Patellar tendinitis, or 'Jumpers Knee' as it’s commonly known, is a frequent basketball injury and stems from a player straining their patellar tendon through repetitive strain when jumping.

Achilles tendinitis is another familiar basketball injury because of the quick movements and change of direction involved with the sport. For the same reason, sprained ankles keep a lot of players on the sidelines.

Hand injuries are also unsurprisingly widespread in basketball. Jammed and broken fingers are common injuries usually sustained in competition.

Despite all of these potential injuries, because basketball is a non-contact sport you don’t get the impact injuries that athletes get in American football or soccer. Basketball players should always spend most of their time strengthening their joints and improving flexibility to avoid injuries.

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