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Baseball injuries

Baseball injuries come in many forms as the sport puts a tremendous strain on the different muscles and joints in the body.

Baseball shoulder pain is a major concern for any player. Pitching and batting requires tremendous strength and flexibility in the shoulders. Muscle pulls and tears in the shoulders are frequent baseball injuries, as well as rotator cuff tendinitis.

Back injuries are also synonymous with baseball because of the twisting and rapid movements involved with the sport. Muscle strains of the back and herniated discs are just two of the back injuries baseball players have to work hard to prevent.

Baseball elbow injures like elbow tendinitis are common, as are arm injuries in the form of dislocated bones a result of overextending and the many snapping movements involved with fielding, pitching and batting.

To avoid baseball injuries, athletes must ensure they warm up properly before training and matches. Stretching the muscles to ensure the right level of flexibility is imperative to reduce the risk of injury.

Good technique with both the bat and the ball will also reduce the chances of picking up injuries. Amateur baseball players in particular should seek advice on how they can improve their batting, pitching and fielding techniques to lower their injury risk.

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