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Badminton injuries

Badminton injuries

Badminton injuries are common despite the game seeming relatively harmless in comparison to some other sports.

Some of the most frequent badminton injuries are patellar tendonitis or jumper's knee, ankle sprains and blisters, which are all a result of the excessive strain badminton players put on their ankles and feet when springing to hit the shuttlecock.

Many of the badminton injuries that players pick up can be avoided with a simple warm up that stretches the muscles involved with the sport. Stretching before playing also helps improve performance, so is even more beneficial to athletes looking to get the best results.

Fatigue also plays a big part in many badminton injuries and players should only train for as long as they feel able to. Obviously, this is more difficult during matches but athletes need to ensure they’re not overdoing things.

Building up strength and flexibility is as important in badminton as any other racket sport. A lot of badminton players concentrate on aerobic activities in their training routines but some strengthening will always help an athlete avoid injury.

We have more information on badminton injuries listed below with useful help and advice.

Badminton injuries