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Athletics injuries

Injuries in athletics will always occur because athletes are consistently pushing themselves to achieve better results.

Every type of athletics has injuries that are frequent to that particular sport. For instance, hamstring injuries are more common in sprinting, whereas shoulder injuries are more common with javelin throwers and shot-putters.

Whichever type of injury an athlete picks up, it’s important that they recognise and respect the fact they’re injured. Trying to overcome the pain and continuing to compete will only lead to worse injuries and a longer rehabilitation period.

Doctors will know the injuries that are common to the various sports in athletics and will quickly be able to advise athletes on what they should do next.

Depending on the level of injury an athlete has sustained, some simple rest and recuperation might fix the problem. More niggling injuries might require physiotherapy or the advice of a specialist. With more serious athletics injuries, surgery might be required, which will inevitably lead to longer periods on the sidelines.

Athletes will always want to return to competition as quickly as possible but it’s imperative they gradually step up their comeback and build strength in the problem area.

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