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Anterior Cruciate Ligament

The anterior cruciate ligament is an incredibly important part of your knee and provides the stability needed when quickly moving around.

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries can be sustained in a number of different ways and are particularly common in contact sports.

With football, rugby and any other activity where you change direction a lot, anterior cruciate ligament injuries occur when you quickly twist your knee whilst the foot is planted on the ground.

A lot of athletes also pick up anterior ligament injuries when they land awkwardly from a jump or receive a sudden impact to the side of the knee.

If you suffer an anterior cruciate ligament injury, you’ll know about it because the pain will be quite sharp. You’ll also experience swelling around the knee and discomfort when applying any pressure to the area.

If you’re a young athlete then you might well require anterior cruciate ligament surgery to get you back to your best. However, for older people or those who don’t compete in sport, a doctor might well advise non-surgical rehabilitation through rest and physiotherapy.

An anterior cruciate ligament injury is incredibly serious so be sure to rest adequately and gradually build up the strength before returning to full training.

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anterior cruciate