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Ankle injuries

Ankle injuries

Ankle injuries are common in all sports that require quick movement and changes of direction.

The most common ankle injury is a sprained ankle, which occurs when the ligaments around the ankle become stretched or tear. This type of injury is frequent in sports like tennis and soccer where athletes quickly change direction.

Runners who train or compete on uneven surfaces are vulnerable to ankle injuries. Running off balance is always likely to lead to the ankle rolling over and causing serious injury. It also puts an increased strain on one ankle as it supports more of an athlete’s body weight.

The treatment for ankle injuries is rest, ice, compression and elevation, or R.I.C.E. as it’s known in the sports injury world. As soon as an ankle injury occurs, an athlete should immediately get their weight off it and rest up to avoid further damage.

To avoid ankle injuries athletes can buy special supports and inserts for their footwear. It’s also advisable for athletes to ensure they train on even surfaces wherever possible to reduce the risk of an uneven running technique that is a common cause of ankle injuries.

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Ankle injuries