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Achilles tendinopathy

Achilles tendinopathy

achilles tendinitis is a common injury, particularly for middle aged athletes, and usually results from overtraining.

What happens with Achilles tendinopathy is that the large tendon in the back of the ankle becomes inflamed through overuse, causing discomfort and often a swelling effect. In the worst cases it can rupture and lead to a long recovery period.

To avoid achilles tendinitis it’s advisable to ensure you always have the correct footwear that’s both comfortable and provides the right support when you’re moving around.

If you start to feel a strain in the back of your ankle and believe it could be Achilles tendinopathy then immediately get ice on it and rest up to ensure it gets better.

When the achilles tendon ruptures, you’ll know because it causes a sharp pain in the back of your ankle and you might even hear a noise as it goes. Unfortunately, surgery is often required to repair the damage and reattach the tendon.

For most people who rupture their achilles tendon, the warning signs have been there prior to the injury. If you start to experience discomfort, make sure you get off the troublesome ankle before it has the chance to become a serious problem.

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Achilles tendinopathy